Welcome to HomeworldSDL.org.

This website hosts the Subversion source code repository for the Homeworld SDL project.


Homeworld is a real-time strategy computer game, set and played in a 3D space environment. Developed by Relic Entertainment, it was released for the PC in 1998 to worldwide acclaim, winning multiple awards for its novel gameplay and strong single-player story. Relic Entertainment later released the source code to the public under licence.

The Homeworld SDL project was formed to enhance the released source code, primarily in order to make the game run on other computer platforms. Support for other platforms was aided by the use of Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL), a third-party software library designed to make cross-platform applications which use video/sound easier to write and manage. Hence the project name of "Homeworld SDL". Currently Homeworld SDL supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


For non-programmers, pre-packaged playable versions of the game are available:


The source code for the Homeworld SDL project is maintained with Subversion. In order to check out the code you need to:
  • Request access permission to the Subversion source code repository (this is necessary in order to comply with 1.1 (b) of the licence). In your email please include:
    • your real name
    • your old Relic Developer Network (RDN) username if you have one
    • (not required but it would be nice if you could also let us know how you found us!)
Access requests are usually acknowledged within a day or two. If you don't get a reply within a few days check that your spam filter didn't catch it (look for an email containing the phrase "homeworldsdl"). As a last resort you could try posting to the Homesource forums (see below) and try and catch our attention that way.

NB: Please send your request from a non-comcast email address. Every email I have sent to @comcast.net has been bounced as spam.


Bugs in Homeworld SDL are being tracked with Mantis; see Mantis@Homesource.

Discussion of the Homeworld SDL source code (and indeed the Homeworld source code in general) can be done at the Homesource forums provided courtesy of Homesource.

RelicNews Forums also has a dedicated set of Homeworld development forums, although topics tend to be related to the creation of modifications (mods).

9th March 2014